Monday, October 25, 2010

Body Challenge Week 2

Well it's 9 days into the Body Challenge, and I have only missed going to the gym twice, and I am not going to feel too bad about that, because in the last 9 days I have worked 6, 3 of them 12 hour night duty shifts. On Saturday we had our first group fitness test, and yep, it's official, I am terribly unfit, but hey, that's partly the reason for doing the challenge. I probably don't do enough cardio, primarily sticking to my programme, so intend to add more cardio and do a few more classes. I did do a body pump class on Friday, wow, what a workout you get from that, I discovered I had muscles in places I didn't think possible, and boy did they let me know that they had been awakened. The other area of this, is the lite'n'easy, and I am pleased to say that I have stuck to this 100%, I have not had one other morsal of food aside from the plan .... woohoo ........ and as part of it I find myself eating a lot more fruit than I usually do. I am not sure if I have actually lost any weight to date, but I must say I am feeling better, and definitely seem to have more energy :)

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